Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can already tell...

that this little girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!  

Kevin is absolutely floating on air right now!  One of the first things that Kevin said after the x-ray technician gave us the news was "oh my, wedding, diamonds, dresses, cars...)  lol  I think he was thinking of the dent that will be made in his wallet very soon!  He is so excited and so am I!  My poor husband...between me, the dogs, and now the baby...he lives in an estrogen filled house!  He is going to be an awesome daddy to this little girl.  If we can keep the spoiling to a minimum...things should go very well.   This little girl will always know she is loved.

Please excuse the very fuzzy picture.   It was taken with my iPhone.  I will scan the actual printouts in the morning and try to load a better picture but not tonight.  I am exhausted!  My belly is so sore!  The actual sonogram process didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would but the after effects are tremendous!  
I wouldn't be surprised if I have a bruise in the morning or I could just be a wuss...  

This little girl was moving all over the place during the ultrasound today.  She did NOT want to stay in one place long enough for the tech to get clear pictures.  I made him re-check the gender 3 times!  lol  The technician said that it went great and we were able to see lots of things like all 4 heart chambers, the 3 vessel umbilical cord, the stomach, the bladder...he was very nice and explained it all to us.  I saw her open and close her mouth at one point and she kept putting her hand in front of her face.  The technician thought she might be sucking her thumb...oh boy.  

I'm laying on my bed tonight and the baby is going crazy in my stomach.  So far all I've felt is periodic rolls and thumps but tonight it felt like an octopus was crawling across my stomach with some very definite hard jabs.  It lasted for a good 30 minutes.  I tried to feel with my hand but she'll stop for a few minutes each time I move it.  Kevin gave it a try to but didn't feel anything definitive.  He could of been feeling my breathing.  

Kevin and I are 99% sure of a first name.  The middle name is still being discussed.  You will find out in just a few days.  It may be tomorrow...who knows!  

Since I posted the last post such a short time ago...I decided that I will do the giveaway on my next post after this.  The sweet people who commented on yesterdays posted will automatically be enrolled in the drawing even if they don't re-comment.  


Harky's Soulmate said...

I GUESSED RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Look me up on facebook. I want to be your "friend." EMMSugar@gmail.com (is the email address.) Do I get a double entry for guessing right??

Bonnie said...

How exciting! I would love to have a little girl as my next someday, but I know you don't get to choose, haha! Girls are just so much funner to dress than boys! I'm so excited for ya'll! But, I do my best with Jarrett to make him a little stud muffin.

Yes, Jarrett is taking Albuterol (only when he needs it for wheezing) & Budesonide treatments. The pediatrician told us to continue with the Budesonide treatments for now.