Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trinkets By Lindsay

One of the high points of this week was that I won a fantastic contest!  I've been reading the blog of a sweet girl named Lindsey for over a year now.  She has the cutest little boys and is a fantastic mom.  I've really enjoyed reading about their life and chatting with her from time to time.  I was initially drawn to her blog because she is such a genuinely kind person in her posts but then I realized that we have something else in common.  She actually works in the main office of the career and technology teacher organization that hosts conferences I attend.  I was quite surprised when I received a conference update email from her at school one day!  The director of my department at school is also the president of the organization this year.  Lindsey just recently got the opportunity to become a work from home mom and I'm so jealous!  She was a fabulous working mom who always seemed to be able to juggle everything and now she is an awesome work at home mom.  I hope that someday I will manage to be a great mom like her.  Lindsey hosted a giveaway for her 2 year blogoversary.  I won the most adorable necklace.  It is from a store based in Lubbock.  I get to choose what style I want and what I want the personalization to say.  Lindsey is graciously allowing me to wait until our sonogram next week before I make my final decision.  Thank you so much Lindsey!  I'm so excited!

PS:  Lindsey's generosity has inspired me to host my own giveaways in the next few weeks.  A late celebration of my 2 year blogoversary that was in May.  I have already ordered the prizes so keep you're eyes out for the giveaways!


Linz said...

I think this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Really. It made me cry. Thank you so much for your kind words.

This has been a really stressful week for me and it was a blessing to read this tonight and know that even when I don't get a shower for two days and I feel like I'm failing at everything, that someone understands my heart.

I am glad that it is such a small world and that our paths have crossed. :)