Wednesday, June 30, 2010


With all of the excite of the sonogram last week...I completely forgot my weekly baby update post.  Then this week we have been in the actual carpet installing process.  Every single piece of furniture, knick knack, clothing, sitting in my living room.  See?

It is taking FOREVER to get things put back in order because I can't move the large main pieces.  Work is crazy busy for Kevin right now not to mention his mounds of homework so we have just a short time in the evenings to put things away.  The new carpet looks fantastic and I'm so excited to have it down.  The carpet in the bedrooms was one the last big things I wanted to do on our house...not little things...millions of those...big things.  We tiled the entire rest of the house in 2008.  The kitchen is the last big item and we're still deciding what to do in there.  Our phone system and internet had to be completely disconnected and took a while to come back up after I put it back together.  I did manage to get the computer set up in its new home outside the kitchen.  In all the craziest many things have gotten pushed to the back burner but I'm so excited to see the house coming together as slow as it may be.

I've been working on my giveaway post and it will up this evening.  I'm going to post a combined weekly update for weeks 20 and 21 and then you will find the giveaway post!