Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weeks 22, 23, and 24

Hi Everyone!  Well after a whirlwind few weeks we're finally back at home and I finally have my laptop back.  Kevin and I have been furiously trying to put our house back in order and purge mountains of junk that have compiled over the years.  On top of that...this has been one of the busiest times of year for Kevin at work while he was trying to finish up the summer 1 semester.  I'm very proud to say that Kevin completed his biology class so now he has only 1 elective course and is finished with his associates!  Yay!

While it seems that we've been all over the state of Texas in recent weeks it isn't true.  What is true...is that this baby girl has been all over my stomach!  I haven't used our doppler in quite a while because she moves so much!  I can almost predict her movements now!  I'm going to list milestones from the last couple of weeks so I don't forget these precious moments!

Week 22-A Spaghetti Squash
-Major Milestone on July 6th-This was the day that I felt our baby girl kick my hand while it was sitting on my stomach!  It was amazing and terrifying at the same time!  It was not a tiny kick but a strong, hard thump that pushed my hand off of my stomach.  Poor thing probably was terrified because it shrieked when I felt it!  I immediately called Kevin and my mom.  I love feeling her thump and roll all of the time now.
-About 2 days later Kevin had the opportunity to feel her kick for the first time.  We were using the doppler to hear her heartbeat when she began to repeatedly kick the doppler probe.  I told Kevin to hurry so he placed his hand on my huge sticky belly covered in doppler lube and was able to feel her move several times!  It was such a neat experience!

Week 23-A large Mango
-During this week I began to feel her movements more regularly.  I can almost predict when she'll be up and going sometimes.  She definitely begins moving after I eat any meals and loves to move around during the night.
-I'm really not sleeping well lately between bi-hourly bathroom trips, the never ending congestion in my head, and now dealing with my hands.  My hands are "falling asleep" or losing circulation quite often during the night now.  I'm going to ask my doctor about it at the next appointment.  Since I'm up so much during the night I feel her acrobatics so much at night.
-We took our first trip away from home this week when I had to travel to Dallas for a teaching conference.  We drove down on Monday and returned Thursday afternoon.  We were able to stop at a Motherhood Maternity store and I finally got a few shirt nice enough for work.  I bought 4 shirts, 1 black dress capri, 1 pair of black dress pants, and finally got a bra that fits!   The pants are not the most flattering but they are comfortable which is all that matters.  I had to have something nice enough for the conference so I was greatly relieved to find something.  The conference itself went well but the hotel was a disaster!  At one point I called complaining to the management which is WAY out of character for me.  I'm planning a whole post about that experience so just wait for it.
-On Friday after the conference I was scheduled to babysit for my cousin Cerina.  She just had an adorable baby boy named Micade on May 1st.  Her mom usually watches him but went out of a town for a trip so I offered to help.  I was TERRIFIED!  It has been years since I've cared for a baby so small. It actually went really, really, really well!  I didn't really get much accomplished around the house that day but it was fun and exhausting.
-After Micade went home I was visiting with my mother at her house.  Karleigh apparently did not like the position that I was sitting in so she began to repeatedly beat up my bladder.  I stretched out on the couch and my mom was able to feel her kick when she put her hand on my lower belly!  It was another of her hard punches and the surprise on my mom's face was priceless!

Week 24-An Ear of Corn
-As I was typing this post, Karleigh just gave my hand 3 solid thumps on my upper stomach.  It is amazing to feel her getting stronger and stronger by the day.
-We began testing paint samples on the walls of Karleigh's room today.  I am so wishy washy when it comes to paint decisions!  I still cannot make up my mind.  I am probably going to end up doing cream colored walls with a few stenciled purple flowers.
-I had to go to admin to turn in some paperwork to the CTE department so while I was there I spoke to HR about my maternity benefits today.  While they are not terrific...I'm just glad to have something.  In recent months, 2 of my cousins have had babies and have either not qualified for FMLA because of length of employment or self employment.  I have not decided exactly how much time I will be taking off just yet.  I need to contact the people that handle my disability insurance but I still have some time before that needs to be taken care of.
-Kevin and I have decided to bank Karleigh's cord blood.  I honestly hope that it will be the hugest waste of money we have ever spent.  We've been tossing the idea around for several months and cost was really a huge factor.  I've read so many stories about the benefits that cord blood can have in case of illness and I just don't want to someday have regret that I didn't give my child this opportunity.  We received an offered for a substantially reduced rate from Viacord.  Has anyone ever used this company?  Does anyone know if there is a better solution.  We will be enrolling in the program in the next couple of days.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.  I'm rushing to finish this house because it seems my summer is dwindling quickly.  Inservice begins on August 11th and I'm so not ready!  Kevin and I would still like to take a mini vacation sometime before its over so we're going to have to squeeze it in.  Well I'm off to find something for lunch and then I will return to work on my hotel post. Until then...


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