Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 28-A Chinese Cabbage AKA The Third Trimester

AKA week 26 & 27 catch up....oops!  

Well weeks 26 & 27 flew by without any big news in the baby incubating department.  Karleigh kicks and rolls constantly and loves to wake me up at night.  I have been having bouts of numbness in my hands & arms at night for a few weeks now.  It isn't painful but pretty annoying.  I have been frantically making last minute preparations for the beginning of school.  We finally got out our house put back into somewhat of a working order after we dismantled it AGAIN for painting.  Kevin and his parents did all the painting while I mostly stayed out of the way.  I spent the time at my dining table working on a painting project for baby girl's room.

The nursery looks so cute and the color we put in our bedroom and the guest bedroom looks very good.  Eventually the rest of the house will be the same color as those 2 rooms.  Baby girl's room is the prettiest color of beige vanilla.  Sounds plain but it is so warm and welcoming.  After I finish deciding exactly where the furniture will be placed then we are stenciling some big deep faux finish eggplant purple flowers in a few spots around the room.  I cannot wait!  We also finally unboxed her bedroom furniture.  It is darker than I expected it to be but still looks beautiful...especially against the wall color.  It is actually looking like a nursery in there now!  

I'm posting a sneak peek of her furniture and of the painting project I worked on...
 I painted some wooden letters of her name to hang on the wall.  I just set the letters on the shelf of her dresser for now until I decide exactly where they will go.  The color is distorted but they are a deep purple eggplant purple with green edges.  I had the paint matched exactly to her bedding.  This is a horrible picture taken with my iPhone but I wanted to give you a peek.  I will be taking better pictures of her room as we progress but right now I can't.  At this point there are no curtains or mini blinds hanging in her room so the glares are terrible when I tried to take pics!  We took the old blinds down when we painted and are waiting for new ones.  Budget blinds is coming out to install new blinds in every window of our house on Friday.  They will be custom hung faux wood blinds and I think they will really freshen up the inside and outside look of the house.  

As for week 28 and the third trimester...they have arrived with a bang!  I started back to work at the end of last week for inservice.  All was going well except for the fact that I sweat like a pig constantly that is until yesterday...

Yesterday morning Kevin found me crying in the bathroom when I was getting ready for work.  Apparently my feet swelled during the night and none of my work shoes would fit.  I finally managed to find a pair of stretchy black flip flops but not before I had a complete breakdown.  I talked to my doc and she recommended more water, no salt, and to prop my feet up whenever I can.  My blood pressure was about as perfect as it could get at 124/76.  She isn't really worried yet and believes it is mostly due to the heat.  My town has actually broken a historical record right now with the highest number of consecutive days of temperatures above 100 degrees.  We're on day 19.   Of course it would be like this the summer that I'm pregnant.  By the time I returned home last night my feet looked like logs.  It was pretty disturbing.  Today they did a little better.  I was actually able to wear my work shoes but I did have cankles when I got home.  The swelling settled all around the top of the shoe but it still wasn't as bad as the day before.   I guess I will be looking for support hose this weekend...yay...just another piece of clothing I can sweat to death in.  

I'm getting so excited to meet this little girl but getting more and more terrified of delivery.  Gotta go through the bad to get to the good I guess... :)