Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 36 & 37

Well I guess I better update with the latest news!  I'm at home on modified bed rest now...have been since last Friday.  Blood pressure is still running up and down but at my Thursday appt on the 14th my BP was the highest it has ever been.  171/107.  They also found protein in my sample at this appointment so I once again had to make a trip over to labor & delivery for testing for toxemia (pre-eclampsia).  I was there for a couple of hours before they ran more tests and decided that while I was at risk for the beginning stages of wasn't full blown toxemia yet.  He allowed me to go home but not back to work.  He said that my students were making my blood pressure go too high! ha  I could have told him last weeks ago! lol 

I'm on modified bed rest which means I'm allowed up and about but do need to put my feet up for a good portion of the day.  This enabled me to get a few last things ready for my sub and on Monday I was able to spend 1st & 2nd period getting her settled with the kids.  I've been working on thank you cards for shower gifts and did take a short trip to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure.  It was actually the most relaxed that I've been in weeks.  I've been packing my bag and her diaper bag.  I found the most adorable coming home outfit for her!  

Dr. W had me come back in on Tuesday which was 37 weeks.  He once again found protein in my sample but it was still a small enough amount not to have to do any emergency surgery.  He decided that the protein levels combined with my BP going up and down indicated that Karleigh needs to be delivered at no later than 38 weeks.  Her sonogram on Tuesday showed that she is still growing and doing well but he feels that after next week it would be risky for both her and I.  I go into his office tomorrow for another appointment and then we are going to schedule an induction of some type for Tuesday the 26th.  That is of course if my blood pressure doesn't cause an emergency and she doesn't come on her own before that.  I don't believe she will but you never know.  He will decide what type of delivery we will have (natural or c-section) after he checks me fore dilation on Friday.  I would prefer a natural delivery w/meds over a c-section just because of recovery time but I will listen to whatever he thinks is best.  He really has been doing a good job with us.  Kevin and I are very grateful to him for that. 

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole idea that she should be here in less than a week.  I've kinda spent the whole pregnancy like an ostrich with my head buried in the sand...ignoring the fact that delivery will get here and it will hurt.  I'm scared of the pain, scared of my health failing, and most of all...scared that something will happen to Karleigh during delivery.  I hear horror stories everyday of brand new mothers seizing or having aneurysms right after birth and it terrifies me.  Not because I'm afraid of death but more because I'm afraid of all that I will miss.  I've spent all my life dreaming of becoming a mother and now it is so close...I'm afraid it will all be taken away instantly. 

I hope and pray that I will be a good patient next week and a good mother as soon as Karleigh arrives.  I cannot wait to see her little face!  She has become very very very strong in the last few weeks and I watch her punch and kick in my belly regularly.  It took awhile for others to be able to see the movement due to my large size but now it can be seen clearly.  I made a few videos so I can remember what it is like.  As excited as I am when I think about Karleigh being here in the world...I'm already starting to miss feeling her in my tummy and she isn't out yet!  I love being able to feel her and have her with me at all times and I know when I have to leave her sometime it will just break my heart. 

Well I'm off to get ready for bed!  I don't sleep much at all anymore...usually in hour to hour & half long bursts between my bladder size, hips hurting, back hurting, hands going numb, or congestion.  Ah...the lasts wonderful weeks of pregnancy!  As painful & scary as some of these last weeks have been I wouldn't change it for the world and I know I will miss being pregnant sometimes.  I'll update again tomorrow after we hear final plans from Dr. W and to post a very rare photograph that was captured the other day.  It will definitely be something you see only once on this blog!